🍓 lipu pi jan noa

spotify free is hot garbage

so spotify premium doesnt let you change your billing date without cancelling your subscription and resubscribing on the day you want to be billed. which is really stupid, first of all. but not the point of this.

its not a secret that the spotify free tier only lets you listen on shuffle. what i didnt know is that it wont even shuffle the playlist or album or artist you select, it will add new stuff in as you go. what? thats shit.

also there are ads. most of them actually seem to be spotify premium ads. i dont know if this is tailored to me and the fact i used to be premium or if theyre really just that desperate. but an ad nitpick is that it keeps talking about "your" music; "you can download your music", "you can play your songs whenever". well theyre not my songs if i cant do that, surely!

anyways. i have nothing else to say. maybe i wont go back to premium, and ill be richer each month.

except for all the vinyls ill justify buying instead.

stay wonderful~

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