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floor sleeping

ive been sleeping on the floor again. not straight on the floor, on a camping matt. it takes a bit of getting used to, but then its hard to sleep in a bed.



im going to try and cover these point by point.

takes up less space

i mean, this is pretty self explanatory. beds are big, and permanent. a mat is smaller, and can be put away, meaning more floor space. i think this is an advantage, because often living quarters are small. my bedroom is smallish, and i like to do lots of things in there. playing the cello isnt the most space efficient thing, so losing the massive space-stealing item seems sensible.

makes my back feel better (anecdotally)

maybe its a mass anecdote or something. you hear it a lot. there havent been loads of studies done on this, but the consensus is that harder beds are better for your spine. whether this follows through to very hard things is uncertain, but it feels better for me.

less hot, being nearer to the floor

even in britain, it can be hot in the summer. sleeping on the floor feels noticeably cooler, meaning i sleep better.


beds are expensive. both the frames and mattresses, and any other features you might like to add. camping mattresses are much cheaper.

it is possible to splash out on floor sleeping, maybe by buying tatami mats, a japanese futon, or other expensive equipment (that is how splashing out works yes), but theres little point going above a hundred pounds or equivalent at all!

more sustainable

whatever sustainable actually means. this depends exactly what you get. mattresses can be recycled, but still contain springs and often plastic-based fibers. you can get sustainable mattresses, but the simplicity of a simple mat makes buying something less harmful easier.

obviously it can also make it harder. most cheap yoga mats and camping mats are made of pvc or other plastics. your mileage will certainly vary.

longer lasting

mattresses sag, and its recommended you replace them every five years. my camp mat still works great and is about a decade old. it hasnt been used daily for a lot of that time, but its not been particularly cared for. once again, the simplicity makes it easier to craft something thats likely to last.

has to be rolled out and put away

people are lazy. in particular, me. im lazy. sometimes i cant be bothered. i can make it part of the morning routine and ill do it, but sometimes i just wont for whatever reason and then it takes a while to rebuild that habit.

alternatively is a trip hazard

...or you can just leave it. ive done this a bit, which not only loses some of the space advantage, but also i trip on the edge, being clumsy and whatever.

should be aired

condensation is likely to occur in the cold morning air, and your low bed is a prime target. airing can use up some space. i mean, its really not a huge issue. but it might be for you.


seeing spiders on the floor scares me more now because im scared of spiders and im right here next to them. terrifying! we dont have mice or cockroaches or something, but i imagine if they have free reign it might not be fun either.

can be cold

the other side of the coin to the advantage above, its colder on the floor so if the weather is cold, youll be colder. and cold never helped anyone sleep.


okay thats everything, theres nothing more to it, its quite simple. maybe try it, and let me know if you do!

stay wonderful

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