Hi i'm noa and this is my commonplace book in hyperspace. I've decided i want something a little bit informal just to shoot out things that i will otherwise forget so this is it~

2023-09-22 List of frustrations in chinese
2023-09-20 A little link list
2023-09-19 Thoughts on learning with texts tools
2023-09-18 Memoir in pinyin
2023-09-18 周记23年37周
2023-09-17 Language log no word for x archive
2023-09-15 Practicing counting in chinese
2023-09-13 Another response regarding pinyin
2023-09-13 Global tabs in window managers
2023-09-11 Jumbled thoughts on using pinyin instead of characters
2023-09-06 Eating cheap and healthy
2023-09-06 Little languages
2023-09-06 A rice portion size is eighty grams
2023-09-04 Show notes 23-35